Denim Bags from Scout by Bungalow

One of my clients, Scout by Bungalow, have the most amazing denim bags that I wanted to share with you guys – they came out in the past year and they are not only perfect for DD, they’re actually super functional!

Some styles I love most? The Megabyte ‘Lil Slim ($29), Grand Plan Tote ($42) and Packin’ Heat ($15), all available at
Here’s what Scout by Bungalow had to say about the concept:
IndiGo Go addresses the need for a denim concept to work along side the wide range of jean choices for women today. We went with a coated inky denim that is ideal for the workplace and the weekend. And is detailed with black accents. This denim range is classic with a twist and is easily the most versatile look of the season.

Which do you love?


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