Denim Review: Stitch’s Denim

by Jaime on May 31, 2016

From the designers of Da-Nang Surplus (yep, the only camo that can be pulled off by non-military members!) and Rangoon came Stitch’s. With buttons modeled after the buffalo nickel (the front is on the Men’s jeans, the back on the Women’s pairs) and names from U.S. States (for Men’s) and Native American tribes (women’s), these jeans set themselves apart with their unique styling.

Albert Dahan (brother of Joe Dahan, of Joe’s Jeans fame) has made a name for himself with his east-meets-west stylings of Da-Nang in particular, but kind of flips the switch with Stitch’s… and goes in a direction that’s pretty far from his brother. Instead of trying for the mainstream looks and stylings, he goes for a longer lasting, more relevant denim that, though it might not have the celebrity backing like Joe’s, has an impressively comfortable and flattering fit. It’s very much the “Urban Cowboy (or Cowgirl)” look that hasn’t been mastered by anyone else in the realm of high-end denim, and it’s not for everyone.

Fit: Most Stitch’s fit True to Size, though some of the Men’s styles have been known to run a bit large. The best Women’s pair that’s astandard, easy-to-wear for any shape/style would be the Maya (mid-rise straight leg with flap-back pockets to emphasize the butt), while the most flatter for men would be the Texas cut.

Price: These don’t run cheap… and there’s a pretty good reason. Albert Dahan has created some gorgeously artistic pairs of denim that conform to the body well. Stitch’s tend to run a bit… stiff (and no, I don’t mean price-wise). I’ve found that a bit of wash-and-wear can absolutely turn this medium weight pair around into a softer, more comfortable denim.

And, on top of all that awesome comes the Sterling Jeans from Stitch’s. Yep, they run $900 a pair… so they’re probably not in your price range. But, they’re fun to drool over. A new option for skinny jeans, the Seminole and Totem come in 14″ and 12″ leg openings, respectively, while their Men’s Nebraska jean features all silver hardware with thre Tahitian pearls in the inset (oh yes, they are that luxe).

So, are they worth the investment? I’d say yes. I’ve seen them on good 50% off sales, and if you can find the right pair (there’s a listing of where you can purchase them at Stitch’s website), then they’re a worthwhile pair to test out and add to your collection. Maybe I’d stay away from the $900 Sterlings… but that’s just me. If you’ve got the money to burn, go for it.


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