Denim Review: Black Orchid

by Jaime on May 20, 2016

I tend to consider these jeans a staple of the “what I really shouldn’t wear, despite the fact that Jessica Alba has them” style. For starters, most of the reasons that celebrities wear a pair of denim is because they were gifted. It has very, very little to do with what their personal style is.

Alright, rant over… mostly.

Never heard of Black Orchid? Here’s how their own website, has described their denim/designer:

Known for his innovative designs and creating the great success of J andCompany jeans, reputable designer Julien Jarmoune has taken his life-long passion and talent to new heights. 

After extensive research of an industry dense with ostentatious designs, he realized there was something missing in the denim market: an elegant “basic” jean.

Through combining his knowledge, design capabilities, and sheer determination, Black Orchid was born as a classic line appealing to women of all ages.

The “unicorn” of the orchid family – the Black Orchid – is the rarest and most desired and often believed to hold unique powers.

Black Orchid denim is derived from the same concept of rarity and beauty found in something so basic and affordable.

The classic white tee of the denim industry, Black Orchid is ideal for the woman who wants to feel effortlessly sophisticated and fashionable without breaking the bank. From this simple notion, jeans with attention to detail, comfort in fabric and fit for all shapes and sizes were created.

First of all, yes. They’re far more budget-friendly with most of their pairs retailing below $100. That means that you can buy twice the amount of pairs for the price it’ll cost you for one of the higher-ended brands. But I struggle with calling a brand who makes this:

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and tries to call themselves the “classic white tee of the denim industry.” Please. It’d be one thing if I took my denim tips from a 15-year-old (though, I do have to say, Miley Cyrus has some kickass jeans… but, moving on), but no.

Black Orchid is a brand that has let me down countless times in its very short lifespan with its sub-par quality. I guess I shouldn’t complain too much because the price point is much better than most of the brands I prefer, and if you’re looking for a version of something like the J Brand Zombie, they’ve got it. But, in my opinion, for their retail price, they’re extremely overrated. When you can get a cut, style and fabric quality that rivals it at H&M… for at least half the price (if not cheaper), you might as well do it.

I see denim as collector’s items, which is why I tend to spend my money on pairs that will have lasting power and better quality. If someone wants to give me a pair of Black Orchids, will I reject them? Hell no. But I’m not going to be spending my own hard-earned money on them (no matter how hard-earned it may or may not be) any time soon, unless they change their scheme… and by that, I mean higher-quality denim.

I fully welcome and truly hope that both those who work for Black Orchid and those who genuinely love them will come out of the woodwork to disagree with me and tell me why they favor these jeans over others. But I haven’t fallen in love with a single pair yet… haven’t even fallen into like.


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