Denim Washes with Interesting Food Names

by Hayley on April 23, 2013

Ever since colored jeans became a “thing” again, denim brands have been pretty creative when coming up with names for the washes of their jeans. I found a ton of jeans with the washes named after some interesting food.

I’m not just talking mustard, olive, eggplant, chocolate – those are pretty common. Check out the weird ones I found below, and click on the pictures to find out more!

buttercreamNYDJ Sheri Skinny Twill Pant in Buttercream

Okay, so buttercream isn’t too crazy. But it does remind me of this scene from Rush Hour 2. Oh, Jeremy Piven.

KUT from the Kloth Jennifer Ultra Skinny in Nimes Ketchup

KUT from the Kloth Jennifer Ultra Skinny in Nimes Ketchup

Now this is the pair that inspired this post. Nimes Ketchup? Ketchup? What does Nimes, a region in France, have to do with ketchup? And why does the name of the wash not even mention that the jeans are snake-printed? I mean, it could have at least been named… Ketchup Cobra or Why Did the Snake Fall Behind? Because It Couldn’t Ketchup! Yeah, that was bad, but at least it would’ve been more relevant.

!iT Jeans Ultra Skinny in Ube

!iT Jeans Ultra Skinny in Ube

The Filipino in me completely geeked out over this one. Ube is also known as purple yam and is common in the Philippines and other tropical regions. I even showed my family, I was super excited about the name. I’ll be keeping my eye out on this pair for when it goes on sale.

DEPT Cropped Jean in Pale Salmon

DEPT Cropped Jean in Pale Salmon

Nice try, but I’m from Seattle. Even pale-colored salmon doesn’t look like this.

Have you seen any washes with food names, or interesting names in general? Comment, and maybe I’ll make a Part 2!


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sandy April 27, 2013 at 1:47 pm

I bought a pair of DL1961 Samantha’s in Sweetpea! Such a gorgeous color! I sent Jaime pics in case she wants to post :)


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