Paula’s Denim Review: R13

by Paula on January 25, 2013

Ok, here is how the denim obsession works:

Girl sees jeans on someone (often a celebrity, like shall we say Gwyneth Paltrow).
Girl drools over jeans.
Girl searches the net to find desired jeans.
Girl croaks when seeing the price of said jeans.
Girl is patient and waits for jeans to show up on sample sites.
Girl is victorious but possibly pays a little more than would usually entertain…all in the name of obsession.

Almost a year ago actually, I wrote about R13 jeans over on Celeb Style as seen on, yep you guessed it, Gwyneth Paltrow (here).  In case you are a bit unfamiliar with the line, as I was, here is a little info about the R13:

Denim line launched in 2009, produced in Castelfranco, Italy, from Italian, Japanese and Turkish denim. Designer’s identity remains a mystery. Inspired by the rebellious
spirit of America and unwavering authenticity. Avant-garde silhouettes coupled with unparalleled Italian craftsmanship and innovative finishing techniques.
As soon as I saw them on Gwyneth, I wanted a pair – bad! But here is the rub – the price made them all but inaccessible ($300 plus!). However, when it comes to denim, I am like a lion in the grass – so I waited and watched the sample sales for R13. By and by – over a years time I have been able to snag a pair of  R13 skinny slouch jeans from a ‘make an offer sale’ (great price) and a pair of Skinny jeans with back seam from Gilt (good price for R13, but a little more than I usually pay).
R13 Skinny Jeans with back seam in Blue “Hose”.
R13 Skinny
It is hard to see, but there is a cool detail of a back seam from the bottom of the pocket going down the back of the leg (meaning there is then no seam on the inside of the leg!).  I went with my true size on these jeans and they are definitely on the snug side but I don’t think enough to warrant going up a size. I think a little wear will take care of that.  They are soft, but not quite “Current/Elliott” soft.  But the overall structure and fit of the jean is a winner!
R13 Skinny Slouch “Droopy”.
R13 Skinny Slouch
I have to say, the fit on these is a bit odd.  However, I love the low back pockets and the comfort of the slouch.  I also went true size on these.  However, for a “slouchier” fit, I could have gone up a size I suppose.  The front rise – as per most skinny slouches – is long, about 9 1/2″ and the inseam is 29″ (Note, the front view).  The truth is, I find myself pulling these jeans out to wear on a regular basis.
In conclusion, I suppose it is true what they say – good things come to those who wait. Or at least, desired denim at an affordable price.
Love, Paula
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Hayley January 26, 2013 at 12:17 am

The wash on that first pair – gorgeous!


Paula January 26, 2013 at 7:12 am

Unique, isn’t it?


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