Paula’s Denim Review: Henry & Belle Ideal Ankle Skinny

by Paula on September 19, 2012

Here is the thing.  I had been meaning to get out this review on my first pair of Henry & Belle jeans.  But I admit, I was slacking.  Then the unthinkable happened.  Someone dis’ed my Henry & Belle Ideal Ankle Skinny Jeans in French Rose…and on Facebook no less!

Maybe, just maybe that was not the intention.  However, when a photo of me appeared on my Facebook timeline due to the ever loving “tagging” feature, I looked like I had packed on about 20…no, make that 50 pounds.  Either that, or my hips looked like they had just gone through the mother of all child-birthing (and don’t even try to go and see it if you are friends with me because that picture is now a victim of the other ever popular Facebook feature, the  “un-tag”.

Anyway, it was “suggested” that maybe the wash color, French Rose, was just not a flattering color.  Or maybe the cut of the jeans is just all wrong for me.  So, I am here to set the record straight by getting off my butt -so to speak – and finally writing the review because nobody, nobody I say, dis’s my denim!

Lets just start with the pictures, shall we?

Henry & Belle Ideal Ankle Skinny in French Rose

Henry & Belle Ideal Skinny

Henry & Belle Ideal

I suppose there is a reason Eva Longoria, in a recent interview, confessed to “throwing out” all her denim (I’ll be digging through her trash) and keeping only her Henry & Belle Denim.  They are comfortable as all get out and fit like a dream.  And, I am not the only one who loves the unique French Rose color (Here on Katherine Heigl & Jessica Alba and here on Olivia Wilde and Gisele Bundchen!).

I will express one note on sizing.  I went with my true size and they are a bit  snug in the waist – but honestly, that could also be all the cheese I ate in Germany this summer (there is a treadmill somewhere with my name on it).

Lastly,  friend-who-shall-remain-nameless who took and posted the infamous hip enhancing photo, get rid of that “wide angle” lens, quick,  before someone gets hurt.  I’m just sayin’.

Henry & Belle Ideal Ankle Skinny in French Rose here!

Love, Paula

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