Habitual Alice Coated Skinny Jeans in Vermillion go to London.

by Paula on August 22, 2012

What is better than planning a trip to London & the UK and then finding out it just happens to be during the Olympics?  Well, I will tell you – getting offered a pair of Habitual Alice Skinny Jeans to take along for the ride. And not just any pair of Alice Skinny Jeans, but a pair of Coated Jeans (you know, looks like leather, feels like denim) in the coolest color imaginable – Vermillion.  Yeah, who says Christmas only comes once a year!

Here is the thing, I had long desired to try the Alice Skinny Jeans – especially after seeing them on celebs such as  Emily VanCamp, Maria Menounos and Jessica Alba.  When I was finally given the chance, they did not disappoint!

The Fit:

The term “fits like a glove” comes to mind when trying to describe the fit of these skinnys.  Snug in all the right places and still moves with you.  Seriously, I trekked all over London in these, on and off the Underground, sneaking after athletes trying to figure which ones they were and dodging traffic as I kept looking the wrong way when crossing the street (you know those pesky English folk drive on the “wrong” side of the road)!  The Alice Skinny jeans never failed me!

The Coated Jean:

I am embarrassed to admit this – but this is my first time giving the coated jean a go.  Oh sure, I have tried them on in the store but never had a pair to put into action.  I have to say, I really loved the effect of the coated look – it gave them such a cool city vibe.  So, do they really look like leather?  Well, I can tell you this – I wasn’t wearing them more than 10 minutes when a stranger on the tube (ok, not as shocking as it seems, I have a habit of engaging strangers wherever I go) stated, “wow, those jeans look like leather.”  So, there you have it!

The Color:

Vermillion.  I will admit, I had to give this one some thought … Red? Orange? Rust?  Honestly, it is a mixture of all three shades.  And the coolest part is that this mixture of shades makes the color vastly versatile for matching.  I have long desired a pair of red color jeans for Fall/Winter, but this Vermillion color is even more desirable than a standard red.  And anyway, look how nicely they matched the Olympic Logo!

Well, you know my motto – a picture is worth a thousand words.  And since no one wants to read a thousand of my words… here are some pics!

Outside Harrods Department Store.

Heading into the Burlington Arcade.

And of course my favorite pic…

Tower Bridge, London.

A big thank you to Lindsey at pmkbnc and Habitual for making my London experience even more special with these awesome jeans!  I will be rocking these Alice Skinny Jeans in Vermillion all winter long (and beyond!). Every time I wear them I will think of London … and smile (and possibly have the urge to dodge traffic – but that’s just me).

Habitual Alice Coated Skinny Jeans here!

Love, Paula

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Ashley August 27, 2012 at 4:28 pm

fabulous pants! I love coated denim :)

xo SideSmile,

SideSmile Style Blog


Paula August 27, 2012 at 4:39 pm

This was my first time trying them. They are definitely fun to wear!


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