Paula’s Sexy Shorts Review Part 2: Gypsy Junkies Liberty Shorts

by Paula on July 2, 2012

This will not come as a shock to any Denim Debutante readers – or anyone close to me for that matter but…here it comes.. “I am no Carrie Underwood.”  There I said it.  Be that as it may, this fact did not keep me from giving the sexy Gypsy Junkies Liberty Sequin Shorts a try after seeing them on Carrie Underwood a few weeks ago. (Check them out over there on the left in case you were hiding under a rock and missed it!)

Ok, whatever!  Here is the thing: I am pretty much a slut when it comes to sequins.  I blame my years living in bling-for-all Los Angeles.

Regardless of the true reason, if an article of clothing has sequins, I am on it quicker than you can say “I want my MTV.” Alright, I am going to humble myself now and put a picture of me in the sexy Liberty sequin shorts following CU! (hey, I am nothing if not bold!!)

 (not sure what was up with my hair that day…)

Now, about the shorts.  They come in small, medium and large which makes sizing tricky.  But I followed the size chart and the fit is good.  But beware – the rise is low (7″) and the leg opening snug.

The denim is actually stonewashed – Long Live the 80′s!  And lastly, even though they are a hemmed edge, the descriptions tend to call them “cut-offs” – yeah, not sure either!

But, the sequins?  Well, the sequins rock. For sure!

Get the Gypsy Junkies Sequin Liberty Shorts here!
And check out Gypsy Junkies’ American Flag Liberty Shorts!


In case you missed it, check out Paula’s Frankie B. jeans review, and stay tuned for part three!


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