What are Vault Denim Parties, what jeans do they carry…. and more!

by Jaime on April 10, 2012

I’ve gotten quite a few comments from people at Vault Denim promoting their own parties, but I’ve heard very little about the company from outsiders who have actually participated in a party themselves.

Have you been to a Vault Denim party?

We’d love to hear about your experience! Here are a few questions that readers have emailed in, as well as a few of my own:

- What brands are included in the Vault Denim selection?
– How is the size range?
– How much do they cost?
– Are they carrying authentic designer denim brands at Vault Denim parties?
– Did your jeans last?
– Would you host a Vault Denim party again?

Their website is very vague about a lot of details – and if they’re buying from boutiques and reselling, I’d wonder if you’re getting used jeans or pairs that are not first quality. Those are all pretty big warning signs to me.

I’ll keep the comments active – let us know about your experiences!


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cara May 1, 2012 at 10:04 am

When I went to a Vault party, there were Sevens, Paiges, William Rast, Jbrand…and so many others. They are adamant that they are authentic, they are big on making sure all the jeans are perfect. My rep took a pair out that got snagged at the party and would not sell them. They carry a ton. Nothing was over $92, and the selection was fabulous for me. My friend got a pair of jeans that Vault actually manufactures in plus, and they fit amazing. I was really surprised and actually love all the boutique brands too, the bling and fun stuff. I will go again!


cara May 1, 2012 at 10:05 am

oh… and nothing was used or returned jeans. all new.


AJ Wronke May 9, 2012 at 11:19 am

JP ~
Thought I would add my comment from a Vault Fashion Consultant!
- What brands are included in the Vault Denim selection? ~ We have contracts with many designer denim companies where we purchase brands which are also found in boutiques/department stores.
– How is the size range? Sizes are 0-15, 16 -24. We also have manufactured Vault Denim Brands which consists of extended sizes, Mens, Maternity, Kids and baby!!
– How much do they cost? Prices range from $48 – $92..which are up to 50% off what you would see boutiques/department stores
– Are they carrying authentic designer denim brands at Vault Denim parties? We have Fashion Denim( Bling and Stitch) and then also Premium Denim..which a few were mentioned in the above comment from Cara.
– Did your jeans last? I have purchased many and they have lasted as they are authentic, No knock offs/No seconds!
– Would you host a Vault Denim party again? Yes, NO sales pitches, NO ordering and NO waiting for jeans to be shipped! Shop, try on, purchase, take home that night!! This is the beauty of it. No Malls or ppl to fight over dressing room. Hang out with Girlfriends for GNO!
The Great Opportunity of this company is Vault provides quality products to customers to purchase at deeply discounted $$$ and also provide an opportunity for these same customers to Host a Party to earn the denim FREE! In additional to Buying and Hosting..we also have need for Consultants across US and striving toward Global to Sell and Earn extra $$$.
Vault Denim has changed my life! It is time to get Your Vault On!!
Contact Andrea to become the Next Vault Fashion Consultant!!
FB ~ http://www.facebook.com/IlliniVaultDenim


Aria July 1, 2012 at 8:42 am

I went to a Vault party, and I have to say I was not impressed. What had been promoted as a designer jeans party was really mostly Vault’s version of designers. There were only six pairs from an actual designer/boutique line in the inventory I saw. The hundred plus other pairs were Vaults versions of designers. The names of the brands even seemed to be a take off on actual designers. And not being a bling jean fan, there were very few pairs that weren’t dripping with bedazzling. Yuck. Disappointing.


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