Denim Review: TEXTILE Elizabeth and James Stevie Jean

by Paula on March 5, 2012

Kiss of death.

That is what clothing with the moniker of a celebrity name on it means to me.  Oh sure, there may be that fleeting moment when I am attracted or drawn to an item.  However, the minute I see the celebrities name jumping of the label – stamped on the shoe – plastered across the bottle, the moment passes and back to the shelf/rack/cyber oblivion it goes.

This aversion can also extend to product lines that are designed by a celeb, even when they keep their name off the actual product.  However, over the years there have been a few exceptions (really, only two that I can recall).

Unfortunately for me, one of my most recent exceptions is one where the price point hovers in the “don’t buy that or hubs may freak out, or at least take away your credit card” range.  The line?  TEXTILE Elizabeth and James (designers – Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen).  Many a time I have lusted after an Elizabeth & James item only to have that desire go unrequited – remaining on my “want list” forever.  However, every once in a while, the chance to score a little gem presents itself either through ebay or online crazy clearance sale.

One such event happened recently with Elizabeth & James Stevie Jean in Dazed – one of those drooled over items I have spoken about (seen here on Rachel Bilson).  Denim Debutante’s own Jaime, knowing my ‘thang’ for E&J and these jeans in particular, shot me a link to a pair for (gasp) under $50 on ebay (darn, that girl is good!).

Well, don’t you know I was on them like white on rice.  And now, I am the proud owner of this sexy, low rise, light weight, perfect for summer, screaming vintage pair of Elizabeth and James Stevie flare jeans. Well, that is one to check off my list anyway…

Love, Paula

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