Top Five Pairs of Denim – For Sick Days

by Jaime on February 4, 2012

I am too sick to get off the couch again (and poor C is in much worse shape!), but while I’m getting better, I want to find items in my closet that keep me from hating life more than I already do. So, for those days where you feel terrible but still have to put clothes on (the world is a cruel, cruel place, isn’t it?), grab any one of these five comfortable, soft and sickness-approved pairs of jeans.

Then, get back on the couch and turn your TV on. But don’t forget the socks!

Current/Elliott Boyfriend Jeans in Super Loved

1. Current/Elliott Boyfriend Jeans (preferably the Loved or Well-Loved styles) will be a look that your boyfriend may hate (I know that mine does), but you’re sick. Any boyfriend who tells you to wear something more attractive when you feel like a group of elephants are stomping around your nasal passages deserves to have those elephants stomp all over his boy parts. Comfort is key, and these are almost as great at wearing sweatpants. Ditto for the Pony Boy and the Cropped Boyfriend.

2 Denimocracy Jeggings are – in the simplest terms – the original, attractive Pajama Jeans. I wear them when I feel like pretending to the world that I gave a crap when, in reality, all that’s underneath the oversized Riller & Fount tee and comfy pants is a sad, sick girl. These get bonus points for being a great inseam (nothing looks weirder than super long leggings. It gives the impression that you’re shorter than you are… and sick or not, that’s a dealbreaker).

Henry & Belle Ideal Skinny Jeans

3. Henry & Belle Ideal Skinny jeans are for those days when you absolutely feel like dying and you still, for some evil reason, need to socialize. They’re super stretchy (so there is nothing gouging you in your obnoxiously nauseous midsection) and can be pulled off as a presentable look thanks to a good wash. I’d still rather rock the slouchy styles, but we can’t all be underdressed.

4. 7 For All Mankind Gummy Gwenevere jeans are a cross between comfortable (like I’ve said before, I’ve been known to accidentally fall asleep at night in these. They’re almost too soft… if such a thing existed) and mood-enhancing. I feel better wearing them, if only for the fact that they act as an anti-sickness placebo. Hey, if it works, it works.

5. Red Engine Garnet Straight Leg jeans end up being the pair I wear on that first day I start almost feeling a little bit normal. They tread the line between “I need to wear something nice to help me feel better” and “If I have to wear a pair of rigid, tight, uncomfortable pants, I’m giving up hope on life.” – they’re soft but not sweats-soft, fitted but not tight and no one is going to think that you just didn’t try at all.

I don’t know about you, but I need a crutch of comfort when I feel icky. What is your go-to pair for those sick days?


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jennifer February 4, 2012 at 12:08 pm

Ag denim!! I still do not own current elliot!!!! There is something really wrong about that. Hope u get to feeling better.


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