Paula’s Denim Review: Ditto’s Spring 2012 Lookbook

by Paula on February 3, 2012

When Jaime asked me to write a review on the new Ditto’s Lookbook for 2012, I was thrilled.  But not for the obvious reason (I am hopelessly obsessed with denim).  And, ok, not for the second obvious reason (the collection is smoking hot).  But, because even though Dittos does not know it, we have a long and special relationship together.

My first pair of jeans that I actually remember loving (cough cough sometime in the late 70′s) in that – must wear everyday until Mom rips them off you to wash them – was a beautiful pair of rust colored jeans with the saddleback butt detailing that looked something like this…

aah – brings back memories.

But then, as if finding out that jeans can make walking through the halls at school bearable wasn’t enough,  some time later it got even better  (and yes, I am going to date myself even more here – but whatever, I can deal if you can).

While working as a child actress in Los Angeles as an Orphan in the 2nd National Tour of Annie, we (the orphans and Annie) were given the honor of modeling Dittos jeans for a layout in the Los Angeles Times.  There we were, all of us in Saddleback Dittos, butts to the camera, turning around to face the camera – much like the shot above – except we were all grinning like only a bunch of girls in awesome denim can!

The headline read:

“If we can fit the cast of ‘Annie’ we can fit you, too, in Ditto saddleback jeans”

Well, Dittos and I have grown up since then but Dittos still exudes the same retro-coolness, great fit, and that, darn I want to be that girl, appeal.

And the colors!!

Beautiful!  My rust colored Dittos jeans may be long gone, but luckily Dittos is alive and well and definitely hanging around for a while.  That makes me happy. I think I can still rock out the saddleback…only time will tell!

Love, Paula

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Marissa McInerney February 9, 2012 at 3:07 pm

Hi. Where can we purchase the new collection of Dittos?


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