Reader Reviews: Sandy’s Red Engine and AG Stilt Colored Denim

by Jaime on January 23, 2012

You’ve met the amazing Sandy before, and we’re lucky enough to have her back and sharing her top picks for colored denim!

As you know, not-so-basic blues (and reds, greens, purples…) are the new big thing in denim, so when Sandy said she was flush with color in her jean wardrobe, I asked her to share some with us.

Here’s round one – AG Stilt in Teal and two (yes, TWO!) pairs of Red Engine colored denim.

AG Stilt in Teal

1. AG Stilt in Teal ($159 at – Sandy is wearing a size 29 (usually a size 28/29) and as you can tell, these fit wonderfully. We’re particularly smitten by the beautiful teal color!

Red Engine Straight Leg in Fig

2. Red Engine Cayenne in Fig – We wrote about this style last year, and I still cannot get enough. Sandy is rocking a size 28, and it looks so great on her. The fig is borderline khaki but has a little something different to it. I’m definitely a fan.

Red Engine in Olive

3. Red Engine Garnet Bootcut in Olive – Also in a size 28, the color of these is vaguely reminiscent of MiH’s Paris Aviator Jean.

See the front and back below and stay tuned for more shots from the fabulous Sandy!

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sandy January 23, 2012 at 2:12 pm

weee!!! I’m famous, lol!

Thanks to Jaime for remembering the names of the Red Engine cuts (I’m a goof).

The single thing that blew my mind about all of them? How soft they are, how they don’t mess with my skin – some denim with too much stretch attaches or “sticks” to my skin. These don’t. The AG Stilt fabric is the Sateen version, which I’m going to hunt down now for every pair I buy from now on. A did buy a 29, only because of my Insanity-trained thighs and backside, and I need more space. Belts are a very handy accessory in this case!

Thank you, Ms. Jaime! :)


Paula @lkg4sweetspot January 23, 2012 at 2:17 pm

Cute! I really like the olive Red Engines!


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