Paula’s Genetic Denim Review

Another one bites the dust.  Yes, another sample sale site has left us.  Last week, closed it’s doors and joined the other departed shopping sites in that great shopping extravaganza in the sky (or, at least, that is how I like to think about it).

But, before going, bequeathed to me some very pretty departing items.  Ok, well actually, I paid for them – but I paid so little they might as well have been free!

Of the 4 items purchased, two of them were denim.  And, as it turns out, both were Genetic.

Now you know how it goes when items get to the ridiculous price stage,  it is really difficult to even find anything left in your size.  Therefore, both items were really purchases born of the  “hey, its so cheap, why not” approach.

Genetic Chloe Open Front Skirt in Dark Haze

I was not sure about this skirt, but I have been on the hunt for a long denim skirt for a while now and decided to give it a try.  The truth is, I have forever been chasing after the Textile by Elizabeth and James Emma skirt that I have never able to afford.

Genetic Fever Midrise in Wire

I was really not sure about these jeans, but went for them anyway due to the unique color grey.  However, I LOVE these jeans.  The wash is just beautiful and the fit – perfect.  A little on the long side.  I plan to wear them all season long with varying colors of black, white and lavender.

We will miss you, Swirl, but thank you for the departing gifts.  They will be cherished…at least until the next super sale or to-die-for pair of denim comes along.  C’est La Vie.

Love, Paula

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  1. Paula, you made some great scores! I love the color of the flares, that grey is so deep and rich, a grey I haven’t seen in a pair of jeans before :)

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