Denim Review: Adriano Goldschmied’s AG Tomboy Jeans

by Paula on October 13, 2011

In the testosterone inspired world of denim trends – the boyfriend, the tomboy, the dad jean, the husband (just kidding, if they ever come out with that one, I’m out – big time!) – it seems like a lot of ways to reinvent the wheel.  Honestly, there is a difference. But sometimes, it is hard to tell exactly what those are – Rise? Varying amounts of “bigness”? Inseam?

Well, my latest boyfriend adventure (in denim, of course) is with Adriano Goldshmied’s Tomboy.  First of all, this is not a new cut from AG.  Truth be told, I had actually tried them once before in my true size.  But, being that they, for some reason, run stranger-than-fiction small (very un-AG like) I had returned them and moved onto greener or rather, better fitting pastures.  But then, thanks to a little perk from Gilt (gotta love their service) I was able to give the AG Tomboy another go – this time one size up (yes, I did say up) from my true size and in the Oak Wash.

I will start out by saying, I love these jeans.  They are a quintessential blend of boyish jean casual, comfort and 50’s cool; and as with all AG, softer than a kitten’s butt. In fact, since I got them in the mail a few weeks ago, it is really hard to not grab and put them on every single day (which I don’t do ‘cause well, that would be gross…. every other day?).

(My cat decided she had to be in on the action.)

Let me just say this:  In the words of my young and no doubt budding fashionista friend Claire, “These pants are perfect”.

Yep… I think that about covers it!



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