Clever Clothing Organization – Color Coding!

by Jaime on October 15, 2011

Pretty Hangers

(I don't use wire hangers, but now I want pretty ribbons!)

This is a totally overdue post, but as I’m finishing my unpacking, I found myself going back to the idea because of its simple brilliance.

At BlogHer, one of the meals that Hayley and I had during the first day saw us eating with an P&G representative. We were chatting and the blog was mentioned… at which point, she shared how she organizes her clothing (and denim, in this particular case):

She hangs all of her clothing (not something I particularly recommend for denim, but that’s just my choice) and ties ribbons on the hangers for clothing to mark sizing ranges.

Sound strange to you?

Here’s the thing: I have about six – yes, SIX! – different sizes in my denim collection. And beyond that is how they fit based on my weight/the brand. A great example of this was my post about denim vanity sizing (and the great guest post on William Rast vanity sizing, too!) – those two pairs of mine were both the same size!

So, as I’m trying to find a place to store all my jeans, I’ve been considering a lot of different decor ideas. I think I’ve settled on an IKEA Expedit – it looks a bit like a denim bar, don’t you think?

How do you organize your clothing?

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