How can I wear… colored denim?

by Jaime on September 21, 2011

American Eagle Jegging, $44.50
Gap 1969 Mid-Weight Legging Jeans, $69.95
American Eagle Jegging, $44.50
French Connection Jessica Stretch Skinny Jeans, $148.00
Gap 1969 Mid-Weight Legging Jeans, $69.95
Gap 1969 Mid-Weight Legging Jeans, $69.95
While taste may always be a subjective thing, style is a little less fluid. I think that’s why it’s been  so hard for me to really grasp the super vibrant colored denim. Sure, I share my favorite tips for wearing colored jeans. And you saw me in some colored denim before. Need a memory refresher?
Check out my look in MIH Paris Aviator Jeans:
outfit blogger
With fall here to greet us, make sure to tone down and go for jewel tones – you’ll thank me later – and compliment them with your favorite pieces. For instance, my favorite part of that whole outfit? The Generra tank.
Try to buy styles that fit what you already own. If you like muted colors, do not buy neon purple jeans like these from April 77. Unless you happen to also have a high-low shirt that you find in the back of your closet (don’t be me, kids. Don’t be me).
In all (well, sort of) seriousness… when I put an outfit on, the first thoughts that go through my mind are these:
1. Am I comfortable (and)
2. (if I’m not comfortable) Do I look awesome (and)
3. (if neither apply) Does the outfit in question make me laugh or bring me joy of some kind?
Any of the three suffice in my book.

What are your tips for wearing colored denim?

PS: Also, if you happened to miss the training video here, too…

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Emily @PrettyandPoor September 21, 2011 at 1:41 pm

Thanks for this great post, Jaime. I LOVE colored denim! To be honest, by biggest suggestion for wearing colored denim is to pair it with black. Since colored denim is so loud (and people aren’t necessarily used to seeing brightly colored pants), it’s great to tone down the overall look with a neutral top. Most people have lots of black–so I find it an easy, agreeable color for some of the bright styles. Oh, and don’t forget to by denim that fits! What’s worse than ill fitting pants? Ill fitting brightly colored pants!

Want to learn more about how I wear bright denim? Check out this post:


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