Genetic Denim Review: Fall 2011/Holiday 2012

by Tammy on September 30, 2011

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to attend a cocktail reception to preview Genetic Denim’s Holiday 2012 collection at their showroom in Midtown. Being new to the world of fashion media – and what goes on during these press events – I honestly had no idea what to expect.

I walked into the showroom a little after six, half of which had been sectioned off for this reception. It was a brightly lit, semi-industrial style kind of place: white walls and stainless steel fixtures everywhere, moderated by a glass table with a floral centerpiece.  I was immediately greeted by someone, who checked my name off, and urged me to help myself to some champagne and hors d’oeuvres. I didn’t need much encouraging.

There were two collections being shown: the preview of the Holiday/Resort collection, as well as the current fall collection. Both the Fall and Holiday collections featured more darker-wash denim, with three predominant styles: skinny, flare, and wide leg jeans.  The collections weren’t just limited to denim: there was also a smattering of corduroy and twill styles.

One of my favorite pieces in the Fall collection (currently available) was the Raquel in Matte Seafoam – a skinny jean in a gorgeous, dusty teal shade, with a coating of wax on top. I’ve personally never been a fan of the waxed jean style because of its tendency to result in stiff denim, but this particular pair felt incredibly comfortable – just like the rest of this brand’s denim. The corduroy pieces being shown – several pairs of skinny-leg pants and a jacket – were all in neutral and jewel tones, making them extremely versatile. There were also some pieces from a collaboration done with Estee; all items in this collection incorporate pointed studs, which I thought at first looked like mini-bullets. I started examining these pieces more closely, at which point one of the staff members came up to me, introduced herself, and started talking about the collection, about how every piece had its own back story. She pointed to a black denim tunic with the studs featured on the left sleeve; this piece was supposed to represent a girl who wore her heart on her sleeve. Other pieces in the collection included: a pair of flared jeans, a strapless denim dress, and a semi-fitted denim jacket.

One of the most striking pieces in the Holiday collection was a suit jacket in a purplish-silver and black leopard print – part of the collaboration collection between Genetic Denim and Petra Flannery. I’m not really sure if I would wear it (after all, I don’t get THAT many opportunities to flaunt my inner peacock, so to speak…), but it’s definitely a fun piece that’s well-cut and suited to any body type. Denim pieces in this collaboration included: a pair of black ankle-zip skinny jeans, white flared jeans, a dusty blue pair of wide-legged jeans, all with rose gold hardware. (Side note: I LOVE rose gold – it flatters pretty much any skin tone, and it seems to be able to jazz up pretty much any outfit.)

My current go-to pair of jeans are my black skinny jeans, so I was immediately drawn to the ankle-zip pair. (Ever heard the term “New York Goth”? Black clothing is pretty much a necessity for anyone who lives here. And I go to NYU, so, you know…naturally, I have an affinity for skinny jeans. No, but really – they just tend to flatter my butt quite nicely.) There was also a pair of silvery-black pants (more of a twill fabric than denim, actually, but it felt like suede) that featured a crackled pattern, matte black sequined jeans, as well as a fabric-snakeskin pair of pants with very intricate detailing.

There were also several corduroy pieces, including a pair of pants in a rich plum color. I saw three pairs of skinny-leg pants (tan, dark red, and black) made of what was described to me as “twice-brushed twill.” Softest. Fabric. Ever. Wishlist pants (in black)? Yep, I think so. (I’m a size 25, just saying…)

Of course, there were a variety of denim styles, again mainly in darker washes. There was a denim jacket that caught my eye: slightly cropped in length, in an aged dark wash, with a slight elastic banding in the waist. Classy, casual, cute. Another jacket that was featured had a black jersey type of material as the body, and leather sleeves – see photos – which, I imagine would complement the aforementioned “twice-brushed twill” pants quite nicely.

Check out some of the photos  – would you wear any of these styles?

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