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by Jaime on August 25, 2011

I’m making two big things for you guys to use, but I want to make sure we make it right… you know?

For the one – an on-the-go denim assistant (fun, right?), do you think it’d be better to:

1. Share tips
2. Offer fit help
3. Suggest styles
4. Have it do something else that I’m forgetting, which reminds me that I totally couldn’t run this blog myself anyways?

Think about when you want someone telling you about jeans most! Some of the top ideas so far are:

- Text a Stylist – you’d send a picture text to me (and hopefully others) and I’d give you a go/no go response.
- Mobile Fit Master – one place on your phone for all denim reviews and fit tips
- Jeans on the Go – top denim looks for the season – and your shape! – on your phone

But I’m open. Hit me with your best shot (and if you want to tell me what you’d pay for it – free, if that’s what you’d pay, is cool too! – I’d love to know!) and we’ll hopefully speed up the process!


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