Are designer jeans getting more expensive?

by Jaime on August 23, 2011

You know, I’d like to say I’m surprised by this, but I’m not. With the demise of some big brands (particularly Rock & Republic), people respond in ways that look totally illogical… and maybe, just a little bit, to show-off something big and impressive.

I have called it the showboating before something obnoxiously simple and stupid. I’ll go with that and walk away.

Enjoy this little snippet, and catch the full article here.

Unique details such as intricate embellishments, hand abrasion, hand stitching and an enhanced fit are attracting customers who are willing to spend more than they would a year ago, according to Zuidema.

“The consumer is willing to pay the price if the wash and the details and the fit are right. It’s about perceived value, and in their mind, they can justify that price, whereas maybe a year or so ago, people walked away from that.”

LASC offers jeans that range in price from $150 to $395, with at least three brands in the $300 range, including Diesel; G-Star; and Diesel Black Gold, Diesel’s higher-end denim line.

Jeff Shafer, designer and owner of Washington-based Agave Denim, which is carried in L.A. boutiques such as T. Petersonand Jimmy Au’s, said the price of his premium jeans has increased about 15 percent over the past year.

“The market is better, and people are feeling more secure. After the drop in the economy, retailers reacted by dropping prices at the cost of the product, and consumers got bored. Now the consumers want more and are willing to pay if the product is exceptional.”

How much do you pay for your jeans?

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sandy August 24, 2011 at 12:18 pm

Other than for True Religion (and they MUST be on sale), I generally spend under $80 for most of my pairs. The sample sales – and your warnings about max value – do help in that department. Some sales, depending on the wash, etc., I’ll pay more, but lately the prices have gone down for me. Then again, I know what I want in terms of fit, so I don’t seek out anything else. :)

Regarding the True Religion jeans I’ve bought, the most I’ve spent is $125 – all Becky cuts.


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