Miss Me Size Chart (by Reader Request)

by Jaime on July 28, 2011

I get tons of traffic for Miss Me reviews and lots of requests from people asking how Miss Me jeans fit, but the one I have been getting emailed about lately?

Yep. It’s this. The Miss Me Jeans Size Chart. So, to keep things easy for those of you who love the brand, here it is:

miss me sizing chart

Looking for more? Check out our section of Miss Me review! Here’s a little preview:

Honestly, they really do fit much better than my True Religion jeans. I don’t know if it’s because of the added stretch, the tighter fit in the upper thighs (the Miss Me seems to run about a half size small) that lifts the butt (between the lifting and the stitching, these jeans are FABULOUS for women who are lacking in the butt department!) or some unknown factor I can’t decipher, but they are fabulous in that respect.

They have a nice, medium weight denim that they use, and I really like the wash. It’s flattering, but not overdone (as so many brands are right now). It’s hard to gauge (since I’ve only worn these babies for two days now), but it feels like these jeans would last for the long haul.


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K Mitchell January 28, 2013 at 3:34 pm

I wear size 00 in Hollister and I want to order some Miss Me Jeans from Buckle. Every time I order from there though the jeans aren’t right and I have to send them back. I just can’t seem to figure out what size jeans I need to order from there. Someone help me please!!


Odie July 28, 2013 at 2:11 am

I’ve worn wranglers all my life up to now. Local farm store had them marked down already 25% but for the weekend they had a sale adding another 25% so you can imagine I bought 2 pairs after tryi g them on!!
I have a low back fusion repair and jeans are the worst clothing. All low rise pants are a lil high because I’ve lost weight so they ride up my waist and im then in extreme pain from belt and waistband. I used size chart to find size. From the moment I put my kippy belt on it when I stand the waistband is NOT on my back!! The jeans are my lifesaver. I can finay wear jeans


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