Disasterous Denim Flashback – Winkers Jeans

by Jaime on July 26, 2011

Just grabbing this post made me laugh out loud. I love this post. Though, I’ll be honest, I’m a little bit freaked out… the designer lives nearby now.

Um… there’s really nothing I can say about this other than… if you can watch past the thirty second mark, you have a strong will. And the best part comes via one of the last pairs: the owl.

Not. Kidding.

What would you wear your Winkers with? Crocs? Printed clogs? Those tiny shirts that stretch to fit everyone?

I think that youtube user cerberus276 got it right: “finally! pants to go with my 3 wolf moon shirt.” You know what’s up, man.

PS: OMG, these things cost a crapload! The most expensive pair? The “Lion in the Jungle”… at $569!

Just one more example that expensive doesn’t always mean good. If you hate your life, me and/or both, feel free to check out their site and, you know, spend a ton of money on ugly stuff.

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