One Brands, Two Reviews: Jen’s Mike Lanes Denim Review

In Seattle we are collectively sitting on the edge of our seats, coffee and Top Pot donuts in hand, waiting for spring to make its grand entrance. Drizzly or dry, the proverbial change of seasons always warrants a new denim purchase for me. This year, I decided to usher in spring/summer with one of my favorite brands: Mike Lanes Jeans. (Keep reading to find out how you can, too!)

Mike Lanes Jeans invites you to “party in them, love in them, dance in them and most importantly, enjoy your life in them!” With a style for every day of the week, I picked Wild Girl—for the wild and crazy one in all of us.

Wild Girl features ML’s signature cut that tapers and lifts through thigh and accentuates the derriere. Country duo Bomshel credits Mike Lanes Jeans for giving them their booties and Jenni Pulos, host of Bravo TV show Flipping Out, rocks a pair from line.

The distressing in the upper thigh gives the jeans that “worn in” look but the Italian denim holds its shape after hours and days of wear. The rise is uber low in the front and slightly higher in the back—one of my favorite features of ML jeans—so you can keep it classy on the off chance you need to drop it like its hot. And a special note in the zipper reminds me to “Be Free.”

As you’ll see in the images, they run a bit long. I’m 5’5” and will have these babies hemmed. A curvy girl, I also had to size up. I paired my Wild Girls with my animal print kitten heels and felt like a plain black tank top let the jeans and the shoes do the talking.

Photo credits go to my 7-year-old niece (sorry we were late to school that morning, Mrs. Z).

Thanks so much for the awesome review, Jen! Stay tuned for JP’s review tomorrow… and a big surprise!

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  3. I’ve seen the line in a Las Vegas trade show, cool jeans I believe there from the Los Angelas area. It’s if you needed to know.