One Brand, Two Reviews: Jaime’s Mike Lanes Denim Review

by Jaime on June 2, 2011

Hopefully, you caught Jen’s review from yesterday (and if not, head over to her Mike Lanes Denim Review ASAP!). Now, you get to see mine!

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pair of the Mike Lanes Party Girl Flare jeans in Ocean (I’ve been on quite the flare kick, haven’t I?) – these are a lighter wash and have a different pocket style than the pair I wore in last year’s Mike Lanes review – in a size 26.

These jeans definitely run slightly small – I’ve been running a straight 25 lately and these fit me perfectly. Here are some details from the site:

Each pair is handmade in Los Angeles, CA.

All jeans made with the finest Italian denim (2% stretch).

The jeans are designed to tuck and pull any excess weight in your thighs pushing it into your butt area. This makes your thighs look thinner, your butt look round and firm, and makes you look taller overall.

Each pair comes with its own personality and clever slogan hidden inside the zipper. It’s the pair for every day of the week.

(Oh, and my slogan? “Party.”)

I will say the one downside to these – for me, at least – is the length. They fit perfectly and I LOVE that they are actually a faux flap pocket (you can unbutton them, but you don’t need to… the flap style is just an added detail. Totally awesome!), but they’re a solid 34″ inseam. They look good in super high heels like these ones, but I can’t even ponder flats.

That being said, here are my highlights about these babies:

- Wash and whiskering: These really are flattering, just like the previous pair. Mike spent a lot of time making sure these looked great (and made you look great, too) and it definitely shows.

- Cut: This flare is really a great look… there’s nothing at all too extreme, making them wearable for all shapes and sizes. Of course, shorter girls will need to cut off a bit (I think they’ll hold up at a hem removing no more than 2.5″).

- Clean Look: They’re so… you know, I said this pretty much in the previous section, but they’re easy to wear. Beautiful, simple, clean and pretty.

What do you think about the look of these? Share your thoughts in the comments – and stay tuned for a BIG surprise tomorrow!


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