Hey JP, why is the site doing all this random stuff?

by Jaime on June 22, 2011

The excitement is just palpable.

Oh, you know, because I get sick and then get bored. I’m sitting in my hot, un air-conditioned (which is redundant considering the “hot” aspect) apartment, all sniffly and achy… and all I can do is work.

So, I do some work, and then I say “Hmm, I wonder what would happen if I did X, Y and Z on the site…” and then now, we have a very vibrant reminder as to why C. usually does the tech end and I do more things like the insiders website. I’m really good at pretty. And fluffy. (and Kittens!)

If you see something beyond a banner that isn’t centered and post headlines that, for some magical reason, duplicates on the main page, just leave a comment. Feel free to make fun of me.


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