Denim Makes a Difference: Recycled Denim Cards from Paperworks Studio

by Jaime on June 24, 2011

I am not sappy. I’m not very sweet, or romantic. Not a big fan of love stories and, while happy endings are cool, I don’t get all mushy.

But these… oh, these cards. I honestly teared up a little (Hayley can testify to that) reading the story, holding these cards in my hands and knowing how they were created.

Meet Paperworks Studio. This amazing Michigan non-profit (they’re a part of Goodwill) offers those with special needs and disadvantages a chance to develop life skills, work as a team and create something amazing while they’re at it.

Paperworks Studio is a successful mission-based, market driven social enterprise. We’ve doubled in the last two years and are on pace to double again this year. Our production team of artists are people with special needs and disadvantages. They are a great team and while working at Paperworks Studio, learn valuable life and work skills and gain self-esteem. This allows them to obtain more independence in their lives. The artists make beautiful handmade cards, one-at-a-time no-two-are-alike, with recycled materials and made with LOVE!

When you give a card, it shows you care. When you give a Paperworks Studio card you are giving cards that change lives.

I was able to try a couple – including, of course, the amazing recycled Lee Jeans cards! – and I am just as excited about the product as I was emotional. The standouts for me were the Lee Jeans cards, of course, and the wool cardigan cards, made with recycled wool from clothing brand BaaBaaZuzu.

I cannot recommend these cards enough, not only in terms of their ability to provide joy and fun (they are denim, after all!), but also for the story behind them and the quality. Get your own set of recycled cards from Paperworks Studio online.

And, to leave you with a smile, here is their Mission Statement:

To remove barriers in life of people with disabilities and disadvantages through job skills training by creating and selling high quality, handmade, recycled cards.


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Maggie June 24, 2011 at 7:05 pm

w0w now i want these, too!!!


laurent yves July 11, 2011 at 12:32 am

nice jeans


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