Video Blog: Jaime Gets Personal for Mental Health Awareness Month

by Jaime on May 9, 2011

(Total sidebar: why is it that every time I try to type “mental,” I instead start typing “menthol” and then get super frustrated? Le sigh.)

So, it’s May and I wanted to take this opportunity to get a little personal. One in four people in the United States has a treatable mental health condition (see?! I tried to type menthol again!), and there’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about if you need help. You did nothing wrong and there is nothing wrong with you. NOTHING AT ALL.

Yes, there’s definitely still a pretty big stigma surrounding any kind of mental health issues and, yes, I am a little bit afraid that I’m about to come across as “crazy” or another choice adjective. But if part of my journey in learning how to love myself is putting things like this out there, it’s worth the risk.

I had tweeted something earlier – “The trouble with living under a microscope? No one ever sees the big picture.” – so here’s a little flash of my big picture.

For the promised links: is one I’d highly recommend for both those with mental health conditions and the friends and family who care about them. Knowledge is power, kids.

And, if you are feeling hopeless… wait. Pause. And talk to someone. While it’s not related to this specific situation, Dan Savage (in his infinite wisdom) is right – It Gets Better.


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Donald Johannesson May 10, 2011 at 11:44 am

Bravo, Jaime, bravo!!!


April C May 10, 2011 at 12:09 pm

You’re inspiring!


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