Carol’s Perfect Pair of Jeans: Not Your Daughter’s Jeans

by Jaime on May 16, 2011

Carol has cultivated her own fantastic style sense, but she was missing something. This creative maven has a plethora of photos and editorials on her website, and she’s decided to share her story about finding the right brand – and how YOU can do it – here on Denim Debutante. Check out her story about how she found jeans that worked for her… and not the other way around. – JP

Once you become “mature” (read that as somewhat overstuffed), the jeans that looked so cool when you were younger just don’t fit the bill––or any other part of your anatomy. And yet, without looking foolish, you still like to look hip… just appropriately hip.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for your jeans shopping trip, because it could wear you out:

- Wear shoes that are easy to slip in and out of and that goes for the pants you’re wearing too.
- Pack nutrition bars to keep your energy level up.
- Oh yes, and of course, have your bottle of water along to stay hydrated. Without food and water, you’re likely to succumb to mall food which will only make this task harder.
- Stay focused. Stay confident. Those jeans are out there somewhere.
- Skip the stores that only show size 0 on the mannequins. Don’t waste your time. Head for larger department stores that support multiple women’s departments, or go to specialty stores that support your size.

I wish you the best of luck. I can only share with you what worked for me. NYDJ, Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, are designed to make the least of the fuller figure. You can pack yourself into them and then the jeans do their best to hold you in and make you look better! Let’s face it, you can only hold your tummy in for so long.

NYDJ Denim is available at Nordstrom and other major retailers all over. Give them a try and compare them with less strategic compression. I think you’ll like them. Do I look like a teenager in them? No, but I am satisfied with the result and that’s all that should matter.

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