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by Jaime on April 10, 2011

In every shopper’s life, there comes a time (a dark, dark time) when all spending must cease and desist – a hiatus, as it were, while funds replenish or are directed into other directions (so not fun, but unavoidably necessary). The catalyst for this can be many things… credit card bill arrives causing a Confessions of a Shopaholic moment, kids need…kid stuff, bills start rolling in for that concrete driveway you badgered hubby into laying, husband suffers apoplectic episode upon seeing all aforementioned bills. Whatever the cause, retrenchment is inevitable.

Recently, I was faced with just such a series of unfortunate events and had to face the fact that my denim/ clothes shopping extravaganza must take a little winter break. So there I was, time on my hands, no sample sales to look forward to – what’s a girl to do?

And then it hit me. Why, of course, it was so simple. Why hadn’t I thought of it before……I will join a jewelry site! (there’s logic in there somewhere, right??) But hang on, not just any jewelry site, a really special and unique site called JewelMint.

Paula's JewelMint Score: Diamond Leaf Necklace is a monthly jewelry membership created by fashion icon Kate Bosworth and her stylist Cher Coulter.

Here is how it basically works, Jewelmint members can pick one piece of jewelry designed by the actress/stylist duo every month that is catered towards their style profile for only $29.99 a month. Prior to subscribing, each member completes a style personality assessment that helps Jewelmint customize it’s monthly jewelry selection to each person.

Here are some details JM customer service was so kind as to help me out with prior to subscribing:

Several pieces are actually chosen for you each month based on your profile with one piece being selected as your “Top Match”. But, you can purchase jewelry from the entire month’s collection, not just the pieces chosen for you – Which is great if you are like me and your style choices are sometimes like shifting sands.

You must be a member to purchase the one of a kind jewelry.

You can “opt out” of purchasing in any given month by selecting ‘skip this month’ by the 5th of that month and not pay a thing.

Anytime during the month, you can return to the site and purchase jewelry.

You can cancel membership at any time, no minimum purchase required!

Extra perks all bargain shoppers should know:

Shipping is always free (all items are returnable)

If you stalk the Jewelmint Facebook page and/or twitter, you will be privy to frequent 2 for 1 and percentage off sales on select items.

Use the code “First50” for 50% off your first item purchased.

Now, I know that we here at DD are all about denim love, however, our precious denim deserves a little bling don’t you think? So, here are some of my recent favorites.

Trust me when I say that this is only a small selection of the various styles and items available at JewelMint. I encourage you to at least go take a look for yourself. For me, well, trying not to shop has never been so much fun!!!

And if you decide you want to subscribe:

1. Register for JewelMint

2. Take the Style Quiz!

3. See a selection of beautiful jewelry chosen just for you!

Happy Accessorizing!


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Hayley April 11, 2011 at 12:11 am

I love that you found a loophole in your spending ban, Paula :)


Paula April 11, 2011 at 3:13 pm

haha – yep, just gifted that way – unfortunately!


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