My Favorite Pair of Jeans (… right now)

by Jaime on April 8, 2011

I get the opportunity (a very lucky opportunity, at that) to get to try new brands and styles of denim all the time. Since jeans are what I love and am most passionate about, there is no part of this that isn’t fantastic. And while I rarely get a pair of jeans that just flat out don’t work, it’s even rarer that I get a show-stopping perfect pair that plants itself firmly into my rotation – even becoming a denim favorite.

My current favorite pair of jeans? 7 For All Mankind Gwenevere Super Skinny Gummy Denim in Indigo.

Why yes, this is me in the Gummy Gwenevere. From Dec. 2009.

For the funny part – and a little bit of proof for my grand statement about these being my favorite jeans – the last two times that Hayley has seen me, I’ve been wearing these and, while that’s totally coincidental (she knows how many jeans I actually own), it does say something about how passionate I am about them. Especially since I’ve had them for so long (you’ve seen these in an outfit post before).

Still not buying it? Here are my top three reasons for choosing these as my favorites:

1. They’re obscenely soft and comfortable. There are few jeans that are as soft as these are – the only brands I own who have managed it are Agave and AG. I can (and have… shh, don’t tell!) sleep in these. Yes; THAT soft.

2. A comfortable fit (and a perfect inseam). We all know that I’m not model height and while I do have a good figure (that’s so awkward to say about myself), I still have styles that just don’t work for me at ALL. This style in particular is a very accessible 30″ inseam (and I’d assume them hem well, but I don’t know) and is slim without being too clingy. (Something to note: the 7FAM site says that these have a front rise of 6″ – which is borderline pornographic. I measured mine at an 8″ front rise, which is perfect.)

3. Easy to wear anytime, anywhere. The Gummy jeans come in a bunch of different washes and styles (including skirts, printed denim… even shoes!) – and for me, the Gummy Gwenevere in Indigo is a work-friendly, play-friendly, home-friendly wash, cut and fabric. I’ve worn them for Saturday NCAA Football marathons, long nights of dancing and even to a work meeting… they’ve never looked out of place.

While I’ve had these jeans since 2009, you can still get your hands on Gummy Denim pairs at and they are absolutely worth the price. I’ve worn mine more than 40 times in almost a year and a half and they still look just as lovely as they did on day one.

I want to know: what’s your favorite pair of jeans? Are they the first pair of premium denim you tried or did it take a couple failures before you found the perfect one? Does it change every week, or have you bought backups? Leave a comment and share your experience – or email me at [email protected] and you can write a post all about them!


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Paula April 8, 2011 at 10:02 pm

Well, my CE skinnys are my constant fall back on jeans. But this post is so coincidental because I wore a new favorite to work today (won’t tell you what they are yet!) and thought I might write a short little love blog about them to send to you…


FaithJ April 12, 2011 at 10:59 am

My faves are my Joe’s Jeans Rockers (Miles wash). Once hemmed, they have a perfect cut for my short stature. I was so sad when they tore (see this post of despair:, but my husband got me a new pair last Christmas!


Ggh March 6, 2012 at 12:30 am

I’ve been considering getnitg some of my jeans tailored or would it be cheaper to buy the expensive ones? I’m wondering if it’s partially because every woman is different, so it’s impossible to make the perfect pair of jeans. Although you’re right, they seem to market overwhelmingly to model types. My chronic problem is that I’m short with big hips I’m actually relatively skinny, but I have a very hourglass figure. The jeans that are short enough don’t accommodate my hips, the jeans that accommodate my hips are too long.


B.Y. May 7, 2012 at 8:32 am

I have the same gummy indigo jeans and fell asleep in them a few times as well bcuz they are so soft and comfortable!


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