Denim that’s Different: Fantasy Jewelry Box Denim Bracelet

by Jaime on April 15, 2011

It’s no secret that I love my denim – believe me it is pretty hard to hide towering mountains of blue. Thus, until recently, jewelry was lucky to get the crumbs of my denim budget pie. However, with the discovery of a new jewelry site and the subsequent dusting off of my own neglected jewelry, accessorizing with hardware had taken on a whole new addictive life of its own.

Consequently, when Denim Debutante and offered to send me an item of denim jewelry to review (that’s right, two obsessions colliding) I was giddy as a groupie backstage at a GnR concert.

But, hang on, because it gets even better. I was actually given a choice between two items of denim jewelry. In the end, I chose the piece that spoke to me. And while the whole hearing voices in my head thing could eventually become problematic, I opted, at this juncture, to focus on what was said. This glitzy little treasure whispered promises of rock concerts, 80s girl revival, and wild adventures (hmm, how wild can I get exactly as a Mom with budding teenagers??).

Oh yes, I was in! And while I was still in the process of tearing my house apart in search of my now vintage Motley Crue t-shirt, (because, as you may know, what was once “dated” and afraid to show its face is once again cool, bearing the proud moniker of “vintage”), Shonna’s Silver Rhinestone, Zipper & Denim Bracelet arrived in the mail.

Now I ask you, what could be sweeter than denim, silver tone finish links, crystal stones and black chains all rolled into one glorious bracelet concoction? (Except for maybe said bracelet being handed to you by Johnny Depp… no-wait, Mark Wahlberg… NO-WAIT, random hot guy in rock band…….ok, back now). Well, of course, nothing could be sweeter, as far as this former 80’s girl is concerned.

So, there it stands – 80’s girl revived, vintage wardrobe recovered and ready, and concert pending (not sure about the wild adventures part – but preparation is key). Thank you for the nostalgic journey and don’t think I won’t be taking advantage of your everyday low $1.95 shipping, awesome prices and truly amazing selection of both men’s and women’s jewelry (umm, yeah, well, I may have been doing some jewelry shopping while working on this review)!!

Rock on!


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