Denim Review: Rue de Jeans for Men

by Jaime on April 19, 2011

Alan is a friend of mine here in Seattle, and when we got the opportunity to review the Rue de Jeans lines for Men and Women, I knew he’d be a great fit for the pair. He received a pair of selvedge denim in a rinse wash, sized 32×34. Because of the length, these were hemmed prior to reviewing (which also shows how easily these can be hemmed up).

Enjoy the review!

I’m a pretty simple guy who has an appreciation for a little bit of style. Clean, not too fussy or frilly. I like these Rue jeans for that reason. Has a nice finish to them. This pair had some details I could probably do without, like the elastic section on the waistband. Not sure if that was designed as a comfort feature. But normal day-to-day wear, untucked shirt…no one would really notice. The side seams that come down about mid-thigh are pretty cool along with the small pocket detail. These are the touches I like. My wife loves them.

I had them hemmed professionally as they were pretty long for me. It was well worth the effort once I slipped them on. I own other straights that are just a touch more fitted, so I would consider these more on the classic end than modern for my build. Overall, a really good pair that I would throw into my jean rotation for the week.

Find out where to buy Rue de Jeans on their site - and stay tuned for Hayley’s post!


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