Denim Review: Levi’s WaterLess Jeans for Men

There was a lot of excitement buzzing around the new Levi’s Water<Less line that was recently released (sound familiar? You might have caught our Water<Less post), so we were excited when two pairs of the line showed up for a guy’s review!

With an average of 11 gallons of water saved per pair, these jeans are not only eco-friendly, they really are premium – both the Selvedge (featuring Cone Denim) in Sahara and the 501 in 90 Days wash look and feel exquisite – so everyone wins, even Levi purists. And since these are Levi’s, they come in a great range of sizes – 28-58W/30-40″ inseam. All waists don’t come in all inseams, but you get the picture… tons of options.

Levi’s Water<Less 501 Selvedge (featuring Cone Denim) in Sahara – $198

Some details about this pair:

- These jeans were the heavier of the two and had a lot of great finishing details on them. The honeycombing and whiskering were flattering and had great placement.
- Not only heavier, these were also slightly smaller in the waist than the second pair. C., who’s a standard 30w, found them to be uncomfortably tight to start.
- Cone Denim, based in North Carolina, makes this denim on vintage looms and with these hand sewn, sanded and crafted in Los Angeles, these are 100% US made jeans.

Levi’s Water<Less 501 Straight Leg in 90 Days

- At a more affordable $69, these are definitely very accessible while still being eco-friendly.
- The fit of the 90 Days wash was more on par with basic Levi’s – C. fit comfortably into the 30/32.
- I definitely gave the girl seal of approval on this pair (it was kind of a given with the Sahara) – C. wore them out and the wash and fit really looked like jeans worth twice the price.

I’ll be honest: I still have kind of an elitist attitude toward Levi’s even though I know I shouldn’t. But between their water preservation techniques, the use of US companies like Cone Denim (the same company used by brands like Denim Design Lab for their selvedge) and the honest-to-goodness great look and feel, I have to give Levi’s its props. They’ve done it right.

What do you think about the Water<Less line – would you buy these pairs knowing that they were made with less water in the finishing process? Share your thoughts in the comments, and check out the Water<Less line exclusively at Levi’s.


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