Sample Sale Alerts for March 2nd

by Jaime on March 2, 2011

- Get Heartloom on ideeli today at 11am EST.

- 4 Stroke Denim – for men and women both – will be available starting today at 11am EST on Beyond the Rack.

- Not denim, but Joie is a favorite of mine and the line will be available today starting at 11am EST on Hautelook!

Any sales I missed? Leave a comment and let me know!


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Sandy March 2, 2011 at 8:28 am

Good morning! I recall a few weeks back where you were having an issue with Ideeli. Dunno how that turned out, but I wanted to tell you all a story regarding a purchase I made with them several months ago.

There was a Kensie Girl shoe sale going on, and I found a pair of these green felt/micro-suede ish type hiking boots that I really liked. I figured they might fit my skinny feet because of the faux fur lining (with thicker socks). Plus, they were around $25, so I figured wth, go for it.

I got ‘em and LOVED ‘em, but there was a problem. Some of the tiny bolts that held the metallic loops attached to the boot kept popping off. Hub would use some Crazy Glue to put the pieces back together, but it was aggravating because I couldn’t pull the laces tight like I wanted, for fear the bolts would pop off again.

After the fourth time this happened I emailed Ideeli, asking if they could contact the manufacturer to find out what I could do to save the shoes. After some going back and forth, Ideeli responded by telling me that Kensie would send me a brand new pair direct, no charge. I got the new shoes about two weeks later, and nothing has popped off the shoes – yet, tho I’m still wary about pulling the laces tight. They are, after all, cheaper shoes.

Regardless, it was a nice resolution and if I can figure out a way to keep the old shoes from self-destruction, bonus! :)


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