Denim Overalls – Is This a Trend You’d Try?

True Religion Jaelyn Boyfriend Fit Overalls in Tennessee

I remember having overalls. But I was nine, and we all made some interesting fashion choices when we were younger. Heck, Baby Jaime even tried to pull off double denim… and that does not make it a look that’s okay now.

So that’s why I’m a little skeptical about the “return” of overalls. A couple of brands did the look last year to little fanfare, so when I saw these (and a few others) pop up, my feelings didn’t really change. Why not? Well…

- I don’t know anyone over the age of ten who looks good in overalls.

- It’s an inherently casual look that doesn’t translate into everyday life (for anyone other than models).



You know, let’s ignore the fact that this pair of True Religion Overalls are $277, and just think about the style. It’s something that wouldn’t actually surprise me too much if I saw it on a few people out here in the city, but I don’t know the right place for it, other than maybe a Dave Matthews Band concert.

But I’m only one person, and I want you to prove me wrong. Do you love the look?


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  1. I can’t do it! I sported my share of overalls back in the day (several pair of shortalls even) but I can’t bring myself to love the return of this look.

  2. I’m with the other Jen. Noooo! Overalls belong in the same category as Crocs: Cute ONLY on those under the age of 10. After that, it is just a silly and unflattering look. The only thing worse than overalls (and Crocs) on women is overalls (and Crocs) on men!