Denim Event: Quiksilver’s New Collection in Soho

by Jaime on March 21, 2011

Meet Caitlainne, Denim Debutante’s newest femme phenom! I met Cait when we were both undergrads at Loyola… and this NYC transplant was the perfect fit to check out Quiksilver’s latest event featuring their latest line. Enjoy!

Do you ever catch yourself checking out Matthew Davis from Blue Crush, or is it just me? Or maybe you preferred more of the Johnny Tsunami type? As much as I think the surfer dudes are hot, I figure I’m not really their type. I’m not much of the sun kissed, blonde haired California surfer chick. Quite the opposite actually. You know, that loud New Yorker wearing red lipstick, oversized sunglasses, and 5 inch wedges somehow balancing a Grande Hazelnut coffee with one hand, while busy on my phone with the other and somehow still hailing a cab (run on sentence is SO New York of me right now). But wait—uptown girls meets surfer chick? Quiksilver, you shouldn’t have!

Quiksilver launched an event at their ideal hot-spot location in Soho this week. These California sweethearts sure knew how to throw a party: unlimited amount of Pinkberry, Champagne and a Bikini Bar… not to mention a solid Women’s line of their new feminine collection. Gnarly, dude! (Okay, so I may or may not end my thoughts with surfer lingo I’ve recently learned… don’t judge me.)

This collection really has everything a young lady wants: it’s affordable, stylish and feminine. As much as they say this collection is gravitating towards the juniors market, I would definitely wear their adorable summer dresses and DENIM (yes, DENIM!) and I’m 20-something. I would walk by lovely patterns that just had me aching for summer! Quiksilver, well done. You made me look forward to summer even more! COWABUNGA!! (Too much?)

Not only are they launching their “rad” women’s line, but they are hosting a Summer Stories contest on Facebook. To enter, submit a photo on Facebook along with your personal story, poem, or  blog post about summer. Out of the bunch, Quiksilver will pick their favorites and it will be published in a limited edition summer book. Oh, and that’s not all! Did I mention the winning entries will also win a Quiksilver shopping spree? A published poet AND fashionista? Perfect. Check out their Facebook page “Quiksilver Women” and enter your lovely summer story now.

Alright, I ditched my 5-inch wedges for flip-flops, I have my surfer lingo down and an adorable Quiksilver bathing suit on… all I’m missing is the sun-kissed skin! Look out Matthew Davis, this sweet coastal lady is here to stay!

Check out more of Cait’s amazing work, Beautyrose Photography, and you’ll be hearing more from her in the future!

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Hayley March 23, 2011 at 9:29 am

I remember walking into Quiksilver in New York and being greeted by one of the sales associates. He said “Dude, are you stoked?” and I just remember thinking, you’re on the wrong coast, man…


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