Denim Designer Interview: Harie L. Robinson Jr., President of Riejunio Premium Apparel

by Jaime on March 7, 2011

Today, we get to learn a little bit about newer denim line Riejunio, including a couple unique things about founder Harie Robinson. This is one of the few US Denim Brands not based in NYC or LA; rather, Riejunio is out of Atlanta.

Enjoy the interview!

1. How did you first fall in love with denim?

My mom had me dressed in the latest fashions from childhood through high school! As I developed my own taste in fashion, denim was always a part of my wardrobe. Denim became the main piece to any outfit that I came up with. I remember putting different cuffs on the bottom of my jeans so that they looked appropriate with the shoes I chose for the day. I remember cutting the jeans at the hem so they would fray and looked distressed at the bottom. I did so much with denim to manipulate the look to my taste and that’s where my love for denim came from. Who would have thought 20 years later the kid that loved denim so much would end up making denim right here in the USA. To see how my love for denim evolved visit us @

2. Tell us a little bit about how your brand came into existence.

The name Riejunio stems from my name Harie L. Robinson Junior. If you take the last three letters in my first name “RIE” and combine it with the first five letters in Junior “JUNIO” you have Riejunio. It’s funny because I came up with the name when I created my first msn email account and thought to myself “Hey!!” that would be a good international name for a clothing brand. It’s funny how the mind works.

As a Regional Auditor with Macy’s South I had the privilege of seeing tons of brands and the pricing structure of each brand from the wholesale perspective. It didn’t take long after crunching the numbers and seeing the profit margins from different brands to see the benefit of bringing Riejunio to existence. The creative side was always there but having the business sense behind the brand made all of the difference in the world.

3. Why should denim lovers choose Riejunio over other brands out there in the market?

The color and depth of our washes are one of a kind. Another thing that separates us from other brands is the pocket detailing and our desire to push the envelope in terms of design. Our female consumers will appreciate the fact that our fabric content is 98% Cotton 2% Lycra, all geared towards giving women that comfort feeling. Riejunio is one of the few brands that actually manufacture and produces 100% of all merchandise right here in the USA. Finally, you also want a brand that stays consistent to regions that are known for high quality premium denim fabrics. All of our denim fabric is imported from world renowned denim hubs like Italy, Turkey, Japan and America based mills in North Carolina.

4. What’s your favorite pair in the line?

For women: Skinny Jeans. I really like the dark contrasting tones that our Metro Wash offers.

For men: Double utility pocket Loose Fit Jeans. They are not too baggy and not to tight. We actually refer to them as Trouser cut jeans for men.

5. What kinds of men and women do you see wearing Riejunio?

Riejunio will fit the lifestyle of the young professional women and men; the ones who have sense of style and are not afraid to try something new. Our consumers see the value in a product that’s made in the USA. Riejunio’s consumers appreciate the versatility of our jeans as they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

6. A big part of the denim-buying decision for most women is the back pocket. How did you decide on the placement and design?

If I am to say something about our pocket designs I will stress function and creativity. We understand that it’s not only about the design but making pockets functional for the consumer. Both of our double pocket designs add functionality and a touch of creativity to our product. Speaking of creativity – we actually design 10 pocket design per style. This allows us to see how the jean will look from every angle. It also allows us to have 10 additional styles in the arsenal for future production.

7. Anything in particular you want to share with readers? Let us know!

Riejunio is more than just about profit. We are also a contributing member of our immediate community. We are partnering with our local BBBS of Metro Atlanta (Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring Foundation) to provide workshops and programs to kids from difficult backgrounds and families. Along with our direct involvement with the children we are also designing and donating t-shirts to the Bowl for Kids Sake campaign in 2011.

Check out more from Riejunio on their website, and share your thoughts about the interview in the comments!


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Georgia March 13, 2011 at 11:26 am

I love these jeans. I have all styles. The inseam fit is the best that I’ve ever worn in a pair of jeans. The jeans are sturdy and well made, yet luxurious!


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