Spring 2011 Denim Reviews: Hayley’s David Kahn Review

by Hayley on February 11, 2011

Remember when I said that my Radcliffe Soho in Liverpool jeans were the most unique pair I own? These David Kahns beat that by a mile! These are my new David Kahn Nikki in Pluto straight leg jeans. They are a black pair with an awesome metallic wash.

From this picture of a back pocket, you can see that it also has subtle creases in the fabric, which is kinda cool and unexpected. Also, see the signature David Kahn K stitched on the back? I really like that it blends in with the wash. It doesn’t contrast and compete with the metallic quality of the jeans. The metallic coating is a bit more noticeable in some areas than others, but I think that just gives the jeans character.

Rise: 8″
Inseam: 32″
Leg Opening: 15″

I was thinking the coating on it would make the pair not stretch, but these fit amazingly! They were formfitting but not restricting or tight. I would recommend going true to size with them. I’ve worn them a few times already and they haven’t bagged out at all, which is essential because you can’t rock silver-coated jeans if they’re baggy. The medium rise is also a plus. No muffin top! I’m probably going to end up hemming these, but since they’re straight leg that would be really easy to do myself.

The one thing that threw me off about the jeans was the fact that they have faux front pockets, which is something I usually only see with denim leggings. Not a problem for me though, since I don’t really carry anything in my jean pockets.

When I first took them out of the box, my friend said “You could wear those to a club!” Which is definitely something I can see myself doing (even though I don’t really go to clubs, but hey). But even though this pair is metallic, you could wear them casually (with confidence!) if you really wanted, like I did the first opportunity I could.

I know this pair isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and I had nothing like these before, but I unexpectedly love them. They don’t just LOOK cool, but they fit perfectly too. I didn’t own any David Kahn jeans before, but these certainly made me open to trying more of the brand.

What do you think of my new David Kahn jeans? Would you wear something like this?

You can buy David Kahn jeans at Nordstrom.com online.


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