How to: Wear Denim Shorts – Part One, the Long Shorts

by Jaime on February 14, 2011

Here’s the thing, shorts and I had not been on speaking terms for quite some time.  You see, at a certain age, it seemed that I would no longer be able to deny the physical effects of age progression when one day I woke up aghast to what the skin around my knees was doing (or not doing, as the case may be). And, I realized my freckles, which had at one time been little and cute, had somewhere along the line morphed into something big and, well, kinda scary. I soon determined that where emotional regression seemed easy to come by, physical regression proved more elusive and cantankerous (and expensive). So, I adopted a puritanical approach to the length of my denim.

And faithful I was to my denim Below the knee, until the day I decided I needed a new “after 40”adventure – that or my emotional regression was more advanced than previously suspected – either way, I determined to delve back into the world of denim Above the knee. However, never one to be too rash (unless, of course, cookies are involved) I started slow…

Phase 1…Denim, just above the knee.  And who better to lure me back to the dark side than my old lover – AG. Truthfully, this whole slippery slope began the day I came across the Ex-Boyfriend Shorts in 17 year damaged.  Droopy-skin knees, freckles the size of Jupiter or not, I was going to own and wear the heck out of those shorts.  Close on the heels of this first “indiscretion” came the second – a (still to this day) highly coveted pair of PRPS Boyfriend shorts in Rusty River. And I was off…

But, it did not end there. Never one to be completely satisfied, Phase 2 was just around the corner….

(Click on any image to enlarge. Each pair is show in twos, and are as follows: AG, PRPS, Degaine, Rich & Skinny)

AG Ex-Boyfriend shorts in 17 year damage – My experience is that, aside from the Joey, never size down in AG.  I went with my true size on these even though they are a BF cut and I was not disappointed. They are soft, as usual, and perfect.

PRPS Boyfriend in Rusty River – I have often eyed this line of denim but been too afraid to jump due to sizing questions.  Although they are not as soft as some of my other denim, they more than make up for it with cool, unique details and fit. Even though I tend to go down one size for most boyfriend cuts, I went with my true size as PRPS is said to run small and are 100% cotton.

Degaine – Okay, actually these are boyfriend jeans that I bought at Buffalo Exchange in Los Angeles for a song because the previous owner had chopped them off.  Even though they are a bit on the big side, they are so soft and are my go-to jeans for days at home – hanging with my boys, running around, washing the dog, etc. (oops, sorry Jaime, I know you have a “no-no” rule about washing and/or cleaning in our designer denim…).

Rich & Skinny Ryder Shorts – A thinner denim makes these ultra-soft and comfortable. I went with my true size.

Stay tuned for Phase 2!


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Hayley February 14, 2011 at 2:18 pm

Paula, what are you talking about? You have great gams! Haha. I love the Rich & Skinny shorts!
Hayley recently posted..hayleypenor- My review of a pair of @DAVID-KAHNJeans! http-bitly-entJakMy Profile


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