How to: Wear Denim Shorts – Part 3, Short Shorts

by Jaime on February 28, 2011

So here is how my adventure in exploring Denim Above the Knee had proceeded thus far:

Phase 1: Expose the Knee

Phase 2: Expose the other Knee …Up the Thigh, Baby

Which brought me to…Phase 3: “Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts…” Emboldened by (or possibly drunk with) my success, I decided to throw all caution to the wind. Out went the baggy boyfriend shorts (well, almost) and in came fitted short shorts– shorter than I had worn since rainbow trimmed track shorts and halter tops (both of which I once sported proudly). My concern with frightening small children or society at large with my exposed baggy knees and sun-spotted limbs clearly a thing of the past. Yep, I had found my love beads… and any hope of retaining my puritanical sensibilities in regards to the length of my denim –gone, baby gone.

My catalyst for this extreme move up the leg was none other than Heartloom’s Daisy Delancey shorts in, what else, Dream. Being a sucker for details (and men bearing gifts… but that’s a story for another blog), these Heartloom shorts were pretty much irresistible with their zipper pockets and cute little stitched & studded pocket details (who doesn’t love some good butt detail, right?). Thus, what ensued was an embarrassingly brief mental convo to convince myself that fabric limited or not, these shorts were the next essential move in my “coming out” mode.

Pandora ’s Box opened… there was no going back and I filled my drawer (umm literally) with the sweetest little collection of shorties.

Now, before you browse my collection of pics, I wanted to say that here is where my adventure in rediscovering Denim Above the Knee must come to an end. You will be happy to know that there will not be a Phase 4 as this would surely require the exposure of a butt cheek… or worse (which proves that I still foster some concern for the traumatization of those poor screaming children).

Heartloom Daisy Delancey in Dream – I went with my true size in these, but I could have sized down for a more snug and possibly better fit. But, I love the wash on these, very different and the special zipper details.

Karmel & Alden Lolita in Barn – As advised by Jaime I sized up one whole size from my true size and good thing because they are a perfect fit!

PRVCY Premium Cabo Shorts in Light Oasis – I went with true size on these which is perfect for a snug fit. As usual for PRVCY, they are ultra-soft and well-constructed.

Current/Elliott Studded Shorts –cruising West Village, NYC. As usual with all my CEs, this pair is one of my favorites. Soft, studded and fun, I went with my true CE size which is one size down from my usual.

Therefore, my final word to all those 40 somethings grappling with the dilemma of “to expose or not to expose” is this – GO FOR IT! Life is too, well, short!!


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Jen March 2, 2011 at 7:30 am

Hi, I enjoy reading your blog…I am a 40 yr old denim lover also! I think your shorts worries are silly…I wear shorter shorts like these all the time. Wear whatever length feels most flattering! I feel like long shorts in general make me look short and squat. I am pretty fit so I’m not embarrassed about my legs, others will just have to deal with it, I suppose! I actually got the Delancey shorts last year, I loved the way they looked on the front, but I was disappointed with the rear, I felt the pockets were placed badly and were too small. I got a lighter wash, though…maybe they were slightly different?


paula March 2, 2011 at 3:32 pm

Thanks Jen – for reading! I am glad you have not gone through the same angst, but, it has been fun ‘rediscovering’ shorts!!


Sherri March 25, 2011 at 10:30 am

Oh Paula, I love it! Reading about your knees and other perils of our “older” legs I no longer feel alone in this journey towards polyester and elastic waists! I love this whole denim language that I don’t understand (hate to admit I’m mostly an Old Navy gal!) but I adore you and wish you a fun-filled summer in your many lengths of denim!
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