How to: Wear Denim Shorts – Part Two, the Mid-Length Shorts

by Jaime on February 24, 2011

Ok, so what’s an over 40 ‘something’ chick to do when she finds herself at a crossroads, facing those ever perplexing questions?   Gym or Couch?    Protein or Carbs?    Botox or Au Naturale?   Hot or Mild?   Suck it up or rear end bosses car? Suck it up or rear end husbands car? Suck it up or…uuh, anyway…   Below the knee or above?

The last one, of course, is the center of my most recent dilemma.

To recap, in spite of age attacking the skin elasticity on my poor knobby knees and the realization that my freckles sunspots were clearly progressing with a mind (and body) of their own, I seemingly survived Phase 1 of my venture back into Denim Above the Knee. I mean, no children ran screaming, I wasn’t shunned in social situations and my kids didn’t give me that “you’re kidding, right??” kind of look.

So, I resolved to consider it a resounding success – giving me the courage to forge ahead – to go where no woman had ever gone be—  well, not exactly , but it felt that way…

Anyway, to the tune of “Back in the Saddle Again” I plunged onward or rather, upward.

Phase 2 –Show some thigh, baby – raising the length of my denim shorts, ever so slightly (no need to be reckless, yet), up to mid-thigh.  And who better to further me on my path of no return than my steadfast, tried and true lover Current/Elliott.

But, I wasn’t done yet.    Phase 3 was waiting in the wings to complete my transformation -      puritanical soccer Mom no more…(ok, well, still the soccer/baseball/basketball Mom, but you get my drift).

Current/Elliott Roll Shorts in Moody – You just gotta love that Current/Elliott denim is consistently the softest denim ever!  For these fitted shorts, I went two sizes down from my true size (which is one size down from my preferred CE size) because, well, that is all they had, I had to have them, and I wanted a more fitted look.

Current/Elliott Scout Shorts in Cream with Cream Studs and Mineral Gray Damaged- In my many –vast –extensive (you get the picture) experiences with CE, I have determined that the CE boyfriend styles seem to flow better on the body when worn on the big side.  Therefore, even though the scout is a boyfriend cut, I went with my true CE size (which is one down from my usual true size) and they fit just how I like it!

Level 99 Boyfriend shorts in Header – As you know, Level 99 runs a bit more in an affordable range for designer denim.  This is actually my first try with this brand. While I like these shorts, the fit is not as good as others I have.  They are very comfortable, but not as soft.

- Paula

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