Spoil Yourself: A Super Soft-and-Sexy Favorite from Denim Debutante

by Jaime on December 30, 2010

WARNING: This is NOT about denim. But it is about something that I do care about, and since it’s my site, you get subjected to it. Enjoy.

I don’t know if I’ve shared this with you guys before (actually, that’s not true), but I am a huge fan of amazing lingerie. I truly believe it transforms your attitude, confidence and creates a sexy self-esteem boost for all women.

You won't see me in it, but I totally got this set. Hooray!

One of my all-time favorite lingerie lines is actually Agent Provocateur. While I’m fairly sure that surprises nobody (I mean, they are known as one of the absolute best lines out there), my reasoning is simple: they make me look and feel beautiful.

I was having this conversation the other night; cheap lingerie, while fun, just doesn’t seem to cut it. There’s always something that scratches or itches. Some tag always pops out, or a seam bursts. And, to top it off, they never seem to fit right.

None – and I mean none – of these issues are problems that I have with Agent Provocateur. The fabrics are soft and rich, and the cuts are made to flatter a woman’s body.

I bought a couple more sets yesterday for one main reason: the Winter Sale that just kicked off. AP really only does sales twice a year (A., correct me if I’m wrong) so they’re a fun way to update your lingerie without totally breaking the bank.

Have you tried Agent Provocateur before? Share your thoughts, and head over there now to take advantage of the sale before it’s too late. After all, you deserve a little spoiling yourself!


Agent Provocateur Seductive Christmas Gifts

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