Would You Wear: Unisex Jeans?

I was on Facebook today when I caught a glimpse of this post on the Salsa Jeans page (oh, and if you’re a big Facebook user, make sure you “Like” Denim Debutante!). They’re touting a new style of theirs – the Unisex jean.

While I believe that this style is daring (a jean that isn’t specifically made for men OR women? That’s a risky move, in my opinion), some people may really adore this option.

How about you – Would YOU wear the Unisex Jeans style?

Answer the poll, then leave a comment below telling us your thoughts!


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  1. I love the Australian line “One Teaspoon”- gorgeous! There denim counterpart, “Defender” has a lot of unisex jeans, and this concept is just not one I can say I like. I prefer my jeans to hug my curves and give off a womanly appeal. I do not want my man in jeans giving off a “womanly appeal” nor do I want jeans that give me a “rugged, manly appeal.” So for me, this is a no.

  2. These are a must :)
    I have my own and my gf has one too, and she looks awesome when she wears them. She doesn’t look sloppy or “manly”: she looks more casual than when she wears slimmy jeans :)

    YES! YES!