Erin’s Denim Review: Les Halles Jeans

by Jaime on October 21, 2010

I’ve decided to make my big announcement(s) later today, so while I’m mulling over the right words to say about it (hey, that really does take some time!), Erin has joined the ranks of reviewers again. Don’t know Erin? You should – her website, Life of A.J., is fantastic and definitely one to read. So, enjoy Erin’s Les Halles review!

I can’t resist a good deal (or a good pair of jeans), so when Jaime posted about the Les Halles bootcuts at Overstock, I jumped all over it – $15 for jeans and a chance to try a new brand? I’m all over it.

I had never heard of Les Halles, so I did a little research on the brand. The husband and wife team of Marlene and Stephen Baum founded the brand in 1979, and as it turns out, Les Halles was super popular in the early 80s. They closed the company in 1983 due to personal reasons. Then in 2008, it was re-launched by the Baum’s daughter Remy:

Recreating Les Halles is the brainchild of Remy Baum, Marlene and Stephen Baum’s now 25 year old daughter. “I was helping my mom clean out her closet and stumbled upon a pair of her old Les Halles Baggie jeans,” explains Remy.

“I decided to try them on and couldn’t help but notice that they resembled a certain style of jeans that was new to the market and becoming more popular by the day. So I approached my parents with the idea of bringing back Les Halles for the next generation.”

“We are thrilled that Remy is following in our footsteps and truly love that the relaunch of Les Halles has become family affair.” adds Stephen Baum, founder and designer of Les Halles.

“Marlene and I have worked in the fashion industry for well over 30 years so between our expertise of running incredibly successful fashion companies and Remy’s fresh point of view for the younger generation, we are confident that we will bring to the market place a great collection of denim-based items for the right price.”

Working together, the three partners offer a perspective unlike any other denim brand, one that combines the past (Stephen previously worked at Guess, Jordache and American Eagle Outfitters) and present. With their keen sense of what the next hottest trend will be and their fearlessness to take risks, Les Halles hopes to fill a void in the denim market with their innovative designs.

I thought that was just the neatest story! I wish my parents owned a denim brand that I could take over!

Anyway, since I’d never tried the brand, I didn’t know what to expect. From the Overstock photos, I could see that there was some mild distressing and the details listed a 31″ inseam. Based on Jaime’s recommendation to go true-to-size, I expected that they would fit well and the shorter inseam means no hemming for 5’3″ me.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got my delivery:

These are a size 26, my normal size, and they fit really well. No waist gap, decent inseam, great shape. I don’t have many pairs of bootcuts, so they filled the hole in my closet and now serve as my go-to casual-unskinny jeans.

One small complaint is that the denim isn’t the BEST quality. It’s a bit scratchy, but it’s not unbearable by any means. I’m also not sure about the amount of distressing. I don’t mind some small holes, but he lighter shades on the back of the legs are a bit out of my comfort zone…

Overall, I’d definitely recommend these jeans if you get them on sale. You can’t even find jeans priced that low at discount stores, so there’s really no reason to say no! :)

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cleverly October 21, 2010 at 1:24 pm

Nice review Erin! I’ve been looking at the Les Halles pairs on Overstock lately too, the fact that they have shorter inseams is tempting me :P


Renae October 22, 2010 at 1:19 pm

Great review, Erin. I have found a few deals on Overstock, but now I’m tempted to try the Les Halles. Very adorable jeans!


paula October 22, 2010 at 2:51 pm

well, rough texture aside, they look awesome on you!!! Interesting review!


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