Denim Deal of the Day: Earnest Am I Jeans at Overstock

by Jaime on October 29, 2010

Earnest Am I Women’s Skinny 5-pocket Jeans

Retail: $110
Price: $26.99
Discount: 76%

The Earnest Am I line runs around $110, which is much lower than the big sister Earnest Sewn line. Still, you’re dealing with a high quality product and, at this price, it’s definitely worth trying. Don’t want to take my word for it? Read this brief review from Kirsten of Traveling Fashionista, who owns this exact pair:

I picked up this pair of Earnest AM I jeans about six months ago, and so happy that I gave them a try. Earnest AM I is Earnest Sewn’s less expensive collection, although in terms of quality, they are still spot-on.  True to form for most of Earnest Sewn’s jeans they are simple, with classic cuts, clean lines, and no over the top embellishments. Exactly what I look for in an amazing pair of jeans.

This particular pair of skinnies fit me like a dream.The denim is of average weight, and there is a very slight amount of stretch to them. For those that have read my other reviews on Denim Debutante, know that I can have a tough body to fit. Much curvier at the hips, and with more athletic legs, finding a pair of skinnies that I love can be a challenge. I tend to be a true size 27, and with many skinnies, I have to size up to a 28 so that the legs are not overly tight, particularly around the calves. These I purchased at a size 27, like the other pairs of Earnest Sewn’s I own, and it was a great choice. My favorite part? They make my butt look fantastic! I definitely suggest picking up a pair!

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