’s Top Five Denim Brands to Try – No. 4

by Jaime on September 25, 2010

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I kicked off the list with #5 (7 For All Mankind), and we’re going to keep pushing forward. Number four is a newer brand that has garnered a lot of popularity recently, and with good reason. Their fits, styles and flattering cuts are definitely coveted by denim lovers across the world. And let’s just say that their X-Fit Lycra has a bit of a following of its own.

#4: DL1961 Jeans

Some jeans just work. They’re just a great option for almost every body style (I know, when does that ever happen?!?), offer washes that flatter and have a quality product that lasts. That is definitely the case with DL1961 Jeans.

Why am I such a fan of this brand? Beyond their strong grasp on social media (they’ve had some great Twitter campaigns), they make a product that many women will love. From the Kate Slim Straight as a universal skinny option to a gorgeous flare in the Roxy cut, there are myriad options for the denim lover.

The price point is a little bit high at $130-180, but you’re getting a piece of long-lasting, gorgeous denim that will stay the course for years (I’ve had a pair of DL1961s for quite some time now, and they still look positively brand new.

Want to learn more about DL1961 before you buy? Check out these links:
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