Denim Wrecks: These Boots Are Made for Walkin’

by Jaime on September 29, 2010

First off, big thanks to Jess for the find… I’m impressed with these little nuggets, so much so that I decided to bring back Daily Denim Wrecks for another round. Should we bring them back permanently?

In my opinion, denim is best as pants. Sure, the occasional denim shirt comes along that I like, or a dress, but for the most part, I like to keep my denim coating my backside.

These, however, do not fit that criteria. At all.

They’re boots made of denim. We’ve seen stranger (okay, we’ve seen a LOT stranger), but they’re still pretty damn odd. And what would you wear them with? Here’s what the designer recommended:

Your boots are made of what? Jean? That’s way cool.

Each boot has 3 pockets where you could store keys, money, wallet, phone, etc. Very handy.

We’re pretty sure that no one you has these!

They are in great condition. There is a little fraying on the toe, but it actually adds to the look.

Wear them over leggings or with tights and a skirt! They would look really cute with white jeans and a cowgirl hat, too!

As someone who has never actually worn a cowgirl hat past the age of 5 (oh, if I could find THAT picture…), this just doesn’t seem all that plausible. But hey, they sold yesterday, so maybe I’m wrong.

What are your thoughts?


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