Would You Buy Denim at Sephora?

by Jaime on August 13, 2010

So, when I buy jeans, I tend to lean toward online retailers. I’m not exclusive (of course), but that’s my main shopping outlet. However, when it comes to makeup and beauty products (like those we review over at Beauty Debutante), Sephora is one of my primary go-to brands.

But for jeans?!? Well, StyleList says that might be a new option.

Beauty retailer Sephora has entered uncharted territory with the launch of LeRock jeans in select Italian stores.Why is the makeup and skincare destination getting into the denim biz?

These jeans — aptly named Lift Up — profess to serve as a push-up bra for your bum. A blend of two different textures of stretch fabric and the heart-shaped cut of the jeans is where the lifting action is said to come from, according to a report in WWD.

Designed by Luca Berti and produced in China, LeRock puts out fifty different styles, ranging from their basic butt lifters to limited editions with vintage and glamazon touches (one pair is advertised as “ bathed in pure gold”), ranging in price from €80 to €200.

We wonder if it will impact the sales of the anti-cellulite ‘slimming” creams sold by many of Sephora’s cosmetics brands?

Competition or not, the retailer has decided that they’re a hit: After testing the denim in two Rome locations — Via del Corso and Via Dante — Sephora will officially launch them at a “Bottoms Party” to celebrate Fashion’s Night Out on September 9 in its Milan flagship store, Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

We’re hoping the jeans make it to stateside Sephora stores — we’d rather shop any day, than do lunges and squats for a perkier behind.

This style of jeans actually reminds me of another brand that I’ve just recently been able to try out – Salsa Jeans – with the heart-shaped yoke and higher placed back pockets. I was able to get some great shots of them, so you’ll be getting a review shortly.

Would you buy denim at your local Sephora? Why or why not?


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Kristy August 14, 2010 at 7:14 am

How would you try them on? Are they going to add changing rooms? I’m a fan of the heart shaped seams on the back, I think I’ll be looking to try out a pair with that!


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