Renae’s Denim Review: 1921 Alanis Bootcut Jeans

by Jaime on August 26, 2010

I don’t even remember how it was that 1921 Jeans first caught my eye, but since the first day I found them, it has been quite the love affair. I got my first pair at the end of 2009, and then I promptly followed it with 4 more. As a matter of fact, I’m eyeing a pair of Denim Leggings (or Jeggings, whichever you call them) that I saw on the Buckle website as I type this.

The particular pair I’m writing about today is my Alanis Bootcut Jeans. They are a nice distressed dark wash, but not too ripped, and have an 8″ rise (which I consider my perfect rise). The only thing that bugs me a bit on these jeans is the 34″ inseam. They are perfect when I’m in heels, but I have to break out the Hemming My Way (now Style Snaps) and bring them up a little when I’m in flats. Thankfully, most of my shoes are heels and boots (with heels =D ). These jeans are an absolutely perfect fit on me in size 28 (very true-to-size), and the stretch never gives to the point these jeans become unflattering in any way. I absolutely love the fit and the pocket is eye-catching without being so flashy it takes away from the rest of the amazingness of the jeans. I haven’t a single pair of 1921 Jeans that are any lower rise than 7.5″ and the back is always high enough not to expose all the goods to the world when you bend over. They aren’t exactly my work jeans (those would be my 7FAM Dojos and Paige Mannings, but we’ll save those for another review =D ), but they are certainly a brand I wear for anything from going to the mall with the husband and kids to going for a night out with the girls.

I’ve found 1921 Jeans to be not as easy to acquire as some brands, but Buckle has them (not always in stores, but can be special ordered or purchased directly online). I’ve also gotten 2 pairs from Metropark and I’ve noticed a great selection of them at Designs by Stephene. The 1921 Jeans website ( has a store, but the shipping price is up there with Sample Sale shipping ($8.95 for standard shipping) and I wouldn’t order from there unless I absolutely couldn’t find them anywhere else, especially with the prices being a tad more than full price at the other stores. The Alanis Bootcut is a pair I got at Buckle on a special order. I can’t say enough good things about Buckle and their high level of customer service and selection (as seen in my Buckle Review). Metropark and Designs by Stephene also have high marks in my book, too.

I do apologize in advance that I don’t have better pictures to share with you, but my photographer/husband is overseas at the moment (Air Force) and I do my best to self-photograph.

XoXo ~


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aj January 19, 2012 at 6:53 pm

Right there with you. I’ve worn my Alanis jeans at least once a week for the last 2 years. I bought them in a boutique store in Aspen for $230. Its hard for me to find jeans but when I find a pair that I like, I BUY THEM REGARDLESS OF PRICE. I’ve not seen them at the buckle, although my other jeans are from there.
anyway, I had two pair of longjohsn under them trying to stay warm for a football game and they ripped in the hiney. So, now I’m googlng where I can find them. I’m also disappointed that the stupid store way overcharged for them. but thanks for your review. I also like the 1921 TOM jeans.


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