Boutique Review: Allsaints Spitalfields Flagship NYC Store

by Jaime on August 19, 2010

Last weekend, I was in New York City.  I know what you are thinking, ‘here comes a blog of all the things Paula purchased on her adventure in the Big Apple’. Sadly, that particular blog is not to be for however misguided, I promised kids and hubby I would NOT shop during our limited days and rather spend the time exploring the city together.

Be that as it may, the shopping gods were smiling on me when my son, who was at the time in charge of locating and guiding us in our current quest for the Puck Building, unwittingly took us right down Broadway in the heart of Soho.  Not one to be fooled, my son attempted to hurry us down the block and onto another street with the stern warning of “don’t even look, Mom” until his plan was foiled by the remarkable décor in the new (by about 3 months) Allsaints Spitalfields flagship store.  So impressive, in fact, even my husband – a designer and builder – acquiesced to my request to step inside and just “take a look”.

Sewing Machine Wall (a very small section!!)

And look we did for the décor alone, which I was told by a sales person was acquired through various warehouse sales, was enough to make the store worth visiting; from the hundreds of antique sewing machines covering the walls, huge wooden spools jutting out in grouped formations, wooden shoe forms by the ton, encased in huge glass display cases lining the shoe racks and all sorts of antique and quirky odds and ends dotting the ultra tall store walls – old clocks, ram skulls, machine parts etc. (check out the video!)

Décor aside, the clothing selection was awesome and for the most part quite reasonably priced.  On my limited shopping leash I was able to pick up a super cool and soft shirt, but I was really salivating over the absolutely to-die-for aged leather jackets and vests (and die I would – by hubbys hands – if I succumbed to the price tag – ouch!! Here’s hoping they show up on sample sales soon).

So, if you are planning a stop in New York anytime soon – I suggest a quickie, “just to look” and maybe shop too, at the new Allsaints Spitalfields! Me, well… I see an all girls weekend in NYC on the horizon!!!

Pic: Belgique Gilet Shirt (shorts are Heartloom Delancey Daisy Shorts in Dream Wash)

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